This is a JavaScript gallery, created using the Mootools framework. In the upper part there is a preview of the images which can be scrolled horizontally. If you click on an image, the large scroll to the corresponding image.

The gallery is easy to integrate into your site. Exact details can be found here: Mootools Forge

New! Now compatible with Mootools 1.3, integrated auto-slideshow option and captions.


Of course, the thumbnails can be inserted under the gallery:

The gallery is very flexible and adaptable.
Here you will find some more demonstrations to show the possible options:

Caption demo
Demo with autoscroll

For more examples visit the Hall of Fame.

14 Comments » for ScrollGallery
  1. Angel Bou says:

    A fantastic job, I have to put some 100 photographs, think it possible to do something to put around thumbnails of the main picture?

    I would like to make a contribution to your work but the page is in German and I can not understand.

  2. Francis Perron says:

    I’ll like to use some php, but it is not provide.
    because I want to insert it in my index.php
    and the shortcode don’t work.

    can someone help me?

  3. admin says:

    … I moved the wordpress comments to the WordPress Plugin page…

  4. fetra says:

    caption does not work in IE7!

    • admin says:

      Thanks! Yes the good old IE7… hm, have you got a idea? I think it’s a position:absolute display:inline problem…
      If someone find a solution, please write me…

  5. admin says:

    R. Wilhelmy asked me if it’s is possible to add a caption to the images… Yes it is. Version 1.8 includes a demo with captions. Have fun!

  6. Ss says:

    This is really good enough ;)

  7. admin says:

    A new version can be downloaded. Amazing :-) the “autoscroll” option is available!
    If you need an inspiration on how you can use the gallery, look at this link:
    It’s a nice little website of a photographer.

  8. Ss says:

    thanks for your answer, I really liked your gallery and I will be waiting for your news :)

  9. admin says:

    At the moment I working on an auto slide option :-)

  10. Ss says:

    is it possible to make this auto slide?

  11. MJ says:

    i m maryjane user too… XD

  12. Sitthykun LY says:

    I like your pictures.
    I’m a mootools user

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