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Regularly I’m thinking about how I can improve scrollGallery plugin. For better browser support and more caption/title possibilities, I decided to implement a complete new HTML structure in version 2.0.0. I realized that this new version works well, but only if your theme css do not overwrite my css styles.

So, at the moment the new version is only useable for developers they are well versed in css.

If you are interested you can download the new version 2.0.2 beta at here.



If you are tested version 2 successfull at your wordpress installation, it’s possible to get some more pro features.

  • The ability to dynamically change the size of the gallery. Great, if your theme is responsive and doesn’t have a fixed width or the theme has a iPhone/iPad mode!
  • Back and forward links / arrows for the images and thumbnails.
  • And the new cool “followImages” feature for thumbnails.

Demo: http://scrollgallery2.mashitup.de/


In the extended version you get two new options. You can set them in the admin interface or inside your shortcodes.

  • clickable: (array)  are the images clickable (boolean)? Show buttons (boolean)? Button opacity in percent (number).
  • thumbArrows: (array) show arrows (boolean)? Button opacity in percent (number).

Example: [scrollGallery clickable="clickable=true,next_button=true,prev_button=true,button_opacity=100" thumbArrows="thumbArrows=true,button_opacity=90" ]


→ interested in the pro features? Write me a mail at http://bmo-design.de/kontakt/


10 Comments » for WP ScrollGallery 2
  1. Reno says:

    I’ve added a new option to your plugin to be able to use a tag name from NextGen instead of a gallery id.
    Can I send you my code ?

    I’ve also a question : what is the trick you use to dynamically change the size of the gallery on http://scrollgallery2.mashitup.de/ demo page ?
    I use twentyeleven customized theme, without change about site size and I made the comparison with your css there is no major differences, the only big one is that I use a sidebar on the left…

    Thanks a lot !

  2. Chuck Spidell says:

    Great plugin and I was really hoping for responsive. Any idea when you’ll have it completed?

  3. Keoni says:

    When will version 2 be ready for general public? In the meantime, how do we enable multiple lines for the captions and for them not to overlap the photo?

  4. KC says:

    A really nice plugin but, I would like to see an option of vertical thumbs plus it would be nice to have a kind of lightbox effect when clicking on an image. Great job though

    • Vladimir says:

      +1 for the lightbox effect on main images…
      has someone implemented lightbox effect?


  5. Nigl Roman says:

    Ab wann ist scrollgallery2 verfügbar und gibt es die links rechts scroll möglichkeit dann nur in der pro Version? Wieviel würde die dann kosten?

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